The London Globalist – Coming to LSE!

In Projects on January 24, 2010 at 10:16 pm

A Network of International Affairs Magazines.

Global21 was founded at Yale University in 2005, and now comprises of chapters from the world’s most distinguished universities, including Cape Town, Jerusalem, Paris, Peking, Sydney, Toronto and Yale. Global21 produces insightful, provocative publications that give young people a platform to debate the international problems that will affect our generation most directly. By 2011, the Foundation aims to establish twenty-one chapters on six continents, reaching over 600,000 students with content in nine languages.

Through the Global21 network (, all nine publications form a global community.

Looking for an interesting perspective on a global issue?

Call The Yale Globalist:

Or The Peking Globalist:

Or The Paris Globalist:

Now the movement has come to London and the LSE

The London Globalist

The London Globalist is currently seeking talented writers from all disciplines for its Spring 2010 issue

We will be holding an informational meeting this Monday, January 25th at 3 pm in G209 for all interested writers. If you are unable to attend, please e-mail Interested writers will be asked to submit a quality first draft of their article by February 5th by 11:59 pm. Submissions must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Writers Meeting.

Please note that while the theme is on the 21st Century: A Decade Retrospective, approximately half of our issue will comprise of non-themed articles. While you are encouraged to submit a themed piece, we do not discourage the submission of any quality non-themed pieces on various global issues.

Finally, should you require more information, please do not hesitate to email us at or speak with one of our editors personally.

Thank you, and good luck!

The London Globalist Team

What makes the Globalist so unique?

• A broad range of subject matter to report on – global and interesting!

• The Foundation strives to create a personal network among  
the international pool of high-achieving students who are most likely  
to assume leadership roles in business, government, the non-profit  
sector, and the media

• A very thorough editing process with (ideally) two dedicated editors working with each writer to produce the best piece possible – a great way to develop journalistic and writing skills.

• Access to the resources and audiences afforded by a global network of magazines and readers – contact and photo databases, built-in access to personal contact networks at premier global universities, and a worldwide, interested readership.

• Institutional stability – there are well-established procedures for getting Globalist magazines off the ground and making them excellent, as well as plenty of support available through Global21 and other branches.

• Extensive creative input for writers through the theme selection process.

• The chance to discover the background story and work directly with primary sources.


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